There are currently a few sailing operations that
can get your crew out on the water for a 2-3 hour
cruise. Wrightsville Perforamance Sailing offers
high energy and engaging experiences on a 26’
modern race boat that usually makes it out to the
ocean for some thrills in waves. Allana and Zoe are
larger boats that take up to 6 passengers either
privately or on a per person ticket that cruises local
waterways around masonboro islanda and can
be found on La Cruz is a catamaran
that offers cruises as well. EJ Marissa and
their dog kevin make a great team on the water.

The only place that will rent sailboats is soundside
at blockade runner. Hobie waves and Sunfish are
availble to avid sailors with enough experience to
get around safely on their own. These boats are
fun to sail and perfect for beginners to practice or
to just messs around on.

Sailing Certifications

Wrightsville beach is an amazing destination for sailing
due to its steady wind and close proximity to the ocean.
It has two sailing schools on the island. One is the
Blockade Runner Sailing Center that offers American
Sailing Association (ASA) Certifications which offers a
wide range of courses and liveaboard classes.
Wrightsville Performance Sailing is a US Sailing accredited
school and has a great reputation as well. Either
school host 2 and 3 day courses that will help you reach
your goals sailing on the water. It is awesome to see
sailors return to the anchorage in their own boats after
traveling to the Caribbean and living the dream.

Masonboro Adventure Sail

Set Sail for Sea and Explore Masonboro Island Duration 3 Hours About Help raise the sails aboard ‘Zoe’, the newest addition to the Blockade Runner

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