Great Photos of Hurricane Fran (September 6, 1996) taken from the Blockade Runner Beach Resort

Great photos taken by Bill Baggett with 35 mm Leica Camera

From the lobby looking out

from dining room

looking oceanfront from lobby

junk from the aftermath of Fran

The Blockade Runner Patio the day after Fran

A large piece of granite washed up with the surge of Fran

the surge of Hurricane Fran across the front lawn of the Blockade Runner 7:00pm

Banks Channel in the late afternoon

Banks Channel behind the Blockade Runner; wind speed 100+

Fran's surge across the front lawn (balcony section oi Blockade Runner on left)

Fran's surge

Sarah Skinner's wedding on the Blockade Runner Boardwalk just days following Fran!

Wrightsville Beach under curfew and the Blockade Runner entertains

Damage from Fran at Wrightsville Beach

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