Buddy's Crab and Oyster Bar 
Located behind Johnnie Mercers Pier at 13E Salisbury Street
Phone:   (910) 256-8966

Moved to new location behind the Johnnie Mercer's pier on Salisbury. Buddy moved all items of importance from the old bar to the new, improved version. Two levels give patrons a great view and more room.  Buddy's mixes well with the many summer visitors, old-time residents, and former yuppies who traded burnout for beachcombing. It's fun place to mix and mingle during the hot summer months. The decor consists of ships' lanterns, pulley blocks, bells, life rings, hundreds of business cards, photos and (supposedly) a 16th-century Seminole dugout. Buddy's blasts a fun mix of music from its jukebox on any given night. It's open daily and closes at no specific time. It is a terrific late-night destination.

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