Wrightsville Beach Farmer's Market opens every Monday Morning

by Marimar McNaughton, Lumina News

Crisp white tents mushroomed Monday morning on Old Causeway Drive. Visible from the crest of the Heide Trask drawbridge Wrightsville’s first open air market attracted traffickers to a handful of cheerful vendors: the herbalist, the spice man, the flower lady, the farm family, visionaries all, harkening back to that bygone era when the delivery of fresh vegetables and eggs hawked door-to-door were a summertime staple.

Shoppers check out vendors’ displays at the first Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market on Monday, June 22, on Old Causeway Drive.  ~ Allison Breiner
That flavor of the past has come rushing back to the present now that fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, cut flowers, herbs, free range eggs, poultry and pork—all farm raised within a few miles of Wrightsville Beach—will make their weekly appearance, pleasing health-conscious consumers and the locavore crowd, each Monday morning at 8 a.m.

Between seven and 10 merchants, with room to grow, will offer their wares plus the promise of such regional delicacies as pickled okra, Tower 7’s house-made salsa and the harvest from an organic community garden located on Wrightsville Avenue.

It has been a long journey, three years exactly, since the subject was first introduced to the board of aldermen and in spite of some last-minute glitches between the board and a volunteer market manager that surfaced at a special meeting last week over financial responsibilities and legal liabilities the wrinkles have been ironed out of the first town-sponsored farmers’ market.

Pending the duration of the growing season, the market will remain open through September.