Beach Renourishment step by step on Wrightsville Beach

beachren9f.JPG (48044 bytes)Sand is dredged from Masonboro Inlet  beachren9g.JPG (69555 bytes)Dredged sand is pumped from ship on left to pumping ship and then to the beach in the pipe shown. Great shell hunting from spoil beachren9h.JPG (59774 bytes) Beach renourishment1.JPG (56858 bytes)
beachren3.JPG (66945 bytes)Dredge spoil (sand) pours onto beach beachren2.JPG (56439 bytes)Large Y connection near sand exit to add pipe as operation moves up the beach beachren4.JPG (54591 bytes) beachren6.JPG (57517 bytes)
beachren7.JPG (58527 bytes) beachren8.JPG (50861 bytes) beachren9a.JPG (46630 bytes)The finished product adds width to the beach
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