Johnnie Mercer's Pier is being rebuilt in concrete at Wrightsville Beach

Johnnie mercers pier pictures August 2001and November 30, 2001

New pictures of the pier finishing construction in January 2001!

Johnnie Mercer's pier opens

Johnnie Mercers pier after Hurricane Floyd

After Hurricane Floyd and Fran

jmpier5.jpg (30521 bytes)

New construction during July 2000

rebuilding the pier in July

Relaxing beside the pier

sunbather beside Johnnie Mercers new peir

new construction

Johnnie Mercers Pier crowd

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June 2000jmpierc.jpg (47775 bytes)jmpiernew6.jpg (32705 bytes)January 2001

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June 2000jmpiere.jpg (40467 bytes)jmpiernew2.jpg (33098 bytes) January 2001

June 2000jmpierg.jpg (67481 bytes)jmpiernew1.jpg (58039 bytes)January 2001

June 2000jmpierh.jpg (63780 bytes)jmpiernew3.jpg (38763 bytes)January 2001

Johnnie Mercer's pier opens

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