Photos taken by Bill Baggett (Leicaflex camera) the day after Hurricane Fran


September 7, 1996, the first day after Hurricane Fran

Looking north from Blockade Runner

looking south at overwashed dune

facing north from end of Blockade Runner Boardwalk

from boardwalk facing south

front lawn of Blockade Runner covered with sand (note large pieces of granite)

South side of boardwalk, gazebo top added after storm (for film crews)

front lawn south of gazebo, closer than photo on left

broken lobby window of Blockade Runner

broken lobby window

Blockade Runner patio 7am September 7, 1996

Photos taken during Marshall Law curfew immediately following Hurricane Fran

National Guard patrol in front of Blockade Runner

Notice of curfew

Carolina Yacht Club National Guard

Holly watches Bill Baggett's remaining assets following Fran

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